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About COMZ Pty Ltd, the company behind GetCharting

COMZ Pty Ltd is a technology company established in 1993 initially as a software development consulting company in the telecommunications sector.

The company later moved on to the development of Web browser based application software for end users. Today as a Technology company, COMZ develops and maintains the application software for the end users from all over the world. And also COMZ is developing new solutions to the utility infrastructure available on the current internet for the online businesses, which is to enable the online retailers more safely and conveniently interact with the public.

What is GetCharting?

GetCharting is a convenient Free personal stock market charting software.

The individual software has a data collector, charting tools, a chart editor, screening filters and a journal keeping system for your notes that you save with your charts. The aim of the software series release is to assist users to make the most out of the free information offered over the internet. The end user license is free of charge. The users of the software may see some advertisement material displayed on the screen.

We developed this software for the general online public and it showcases our UI (User-interface), UX (User-experience) design, our front-end and back-end system in the action while it aims to help people who would like to be more in charge of their own funds.

What does GetCharting Do for me?

GetCharting collects free information from the internet and lets you create customized charts, add trend-lines, directly write text comments on the main chart and sub chart graphs and save them into your computer. For your convenience, the value movement of a particular stock, index, mutual fund or ETF will be dynamically displayed as you move the cross-hair cursor across the chart. With GetCharting Mi you can send your tailored requests to the Free "Download to spread sheet" link on Yahoo! Finance to download end of day data for charting.


The screening / filtering facility "Find Favorites" will extract the stocks, indices, mutual funds and ETFs before you view the charts. It extracts them by using the free end of day data the software collected and also the criteria you set up. However, screening / filtering is not a necessary process to view the graphics.

It saves all of the extra enhancements you added to your charts with any other additional comments and thoughts. So, you can make your own notes or journals which have the graphics you create. The quality of the presentation is a professional grade finish.

Because of the unique architecture of the software, you can enjoy many of the benefits of web browser based user-interface, for an example by launching multiple GetCharting windows, you can run different programs of GetCharting software in those different windows at the same time even while having windows for different stocks form different exchanges opened.

The charts can be created, edited and viewed off-line as well as online once the information needed is collected. So, if you want to use the software on the go, collect data before you take off and forget about the wireless network reception!

Our mission statement

Our missions are to assist the internet users with accessing and utilizing the information available on the internet while contributing to improve the quality of on-line experiences of general public by providing those people with unique convenient facilities and also to provide the online businesses with the solutions to utilize more of the infrastructure which the internet offers.


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