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How can I install new version of GetCharting Mi after downloading it?

If you have previously installed GetCharting, please make sure that the GetCharting-Mi Server program is not running before the installation also close any browser windows that were used for the GetCharting program. To kick off the installation, simply double click on the GetCharting Mi installer and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Why I can't automatically add the components of some indices?

Please add components in the indices you wish to collect the individual stock data for by clicking on "add index symbols" next to the index name before kicking off data collection. However, some indices have different component rules and can not be read by automatic addition of components in GetCharting. In such case please add the components of the indices you wish to collect data on manually by using the manual "Add symbol" facility on the same page.

Why I can't download data from internet?

Please check the internet connection is active or if just certain stock data is not collected, it is possible the data availability is delayed on the stock, the stock is halted, no longer traded or there is no historical data for the stock.

The software stopped responding, why?

The GetCharting Server is likely closed (accidentally or from some other reason). Click on the Exit button on the screen and exit, simply re-start GetCharting application again. The server will be restored.

When I press Data Collection on the navigation bar, it dose not go back to the exchange I run the Data collection most recently, why?

If you had run Finding Favorites on a different exchange since data collection was started, the exchange you had selected for Finding Favorites has become your default exchange for data collection for your convenience. However, you can switch the default exchange back to the previous exchange by running a Data collection on your desired exchange.

The time Data collection takes seems to vary a lot, why?

Apart from the variation of connection speed changes time to time, it varies because the historical data the program receives could go back up to 30 years per stock or indices at an initial download. However, subsequent data collection will take mush less time.

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